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“On a league-wide level, the switch to Nike has resulted in cleaner, simplified looks across the board,” says Creamer. “You see a lot of teams getting rid of sublimated designs on the front of the jersey. jerseys from china.The Phoenix Suns, for example, got rid of the stripes across the front. I’m curious as to whether the cleaner look was mandated by Nike or the NBA, but simple and clean appears to be where the designs are headed.”“I’m surprised by the amount of changes,” he adds. “It seems almost every team has made some kind of change beyond the cut and the swoosh on the front of the jersey.”cheap nhl jerseys.So without further ado, let’s dive deeper into those changes with a look at, in no particular order, some of the best new uniforms in the NBA.“They didn’t change for the sake of change and only added a drop shadow to the wordmark and the numbers. cheap football jerseys.Usually that drop shadow might not work, or can appear cheesy, but here it really works to help the letters and numbers stand out having that little bit of red on a blue jersey.

One of the more divisive, and perhaps the most dramatic, changes to any jersey this season, my first instinct was to dislike the Pacers new uniforms. But I have to admit they’re growing on me. nba jerseys sales.I’m a fan of the Michigan Wolverines-like colour scheme, and I like that the wordmarks on the front forming a circle around the jersey number is unique, although I’m not sold on those stripes on the side.The first time I saw these Pacers jerseys I tweeted something like: I want to hate this. As time has gone on, I’m falling further toward the ‘dislike’ side because it’s such a radical departure from what they’ve done in the past. To me it doesn’t feel like I’m looking at the Pacers. throwback jerseys.And for a team based on speed, pacecars and the Indy 500, these uniforms don’t give a sense of that at all.”